About Us

AJP NETWORK CENTER L.T.D is this platform demystifying the language and Digital Skills at the deepest level of its roots while enabling Africans to master it as a key to open doors with style and excellence. With the reality of globalization with English and Digital as the ONLY or most used bridge to transfer and receive Knowledge, it is so obvious that yearly the number of new high school graduates,  professionals in need to update their skills.

Integrity, knowledge and progress

Our motto

Our mission is

The English language and digital skills in the 21st century are more than a language or culture, it is a key. A key to open doors of studies, business and continental interconnectedness to lead up to financial, social and political growth on the continent and in the world. We thus implement our mission through in our training center.   

Our vision is

To train and empower an army of African students and professionals who with a high understanding and mastery of the English language and digital skills will go all over the world starting in Africa to study the best practical strategies in diverse fields and comeback to Africa to contribute to its very development.

Our objectives are

based on three remarks: the loss of great opportunities by so many professionals all over the continent. For this specific group of people, we provide the appropriate environment to re-invent them and take their professional careers to an international level with the mastery of the internationally recognized language and digital skills for business purposes.


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